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Bird Table Project  April 2015

Following on from the Bird Box Project, research into migrating birds and their patterns led me to consider to how the birds would benefit from this act, and the boxes would just be left in situ.


By making bird tables, the birds may benefit viewers in certain circumstances. This led me to consider who would appreciate this. My friend was working with Alzheimer’s sufferers and I thought about its association with old age and being stuck inside a room looking out. I used the materials from the broken furniture and realised that this was not as straightforward as I thought.


The actual making was a lot more involved than just buying standard materials. Whilst searching for boards wide enough for the bird table roofs, I happened upon a skip full of furniture outside an old people’s home in Falmouth. This prompted me to take the next step to tie in bringing my concept into reality.


I approached the manager, asking him that in return for providing me with broken furniture, I would contruct bird tables for his clients. This initiated a dialogue where the people appreciated this act and felt their relatives would benefit. I returned a week later with three bird tables which I installed with a notebook for any comments and for them to record any thoughts or species of birds which they may have spotted or encountered.


This is a socially-engaged work where I met a lot of of really compassionate people whilst collecting materials.


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